Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Cutesy stuff this My Little Shoebox

In amongst my DT Pack was the Home Tweet Home range from My Little Shoebox. It's so cutesy, with sweet little branches and birds. Very fantastic for cutting out :)

Almost 9 Years of Us - Photo by Ali Russell... pretty much enough said in the title. This April Luke and I will celebrate 9 years together and 7 years married. SCARY....  

My School Girl - So sweet, so cute and still looks too small. Does have a big attitude though. I can see so many changes in Charlotte since she has started school. While she had all the basics before starting she has really responded well. LOVES writing and can usually spell any word she wants to correctly. She is really into sounding out and is getting the whole idea of blending sounds.

Thanks for popping by


joeygirl86 said...

These are awesome! I really love how the 1st LO is simple but perfect at at the same time...and what a cutie you little one is only one so I still have some time for the attitude ((I hope! lol..))

Felicity said...

o Nic I love those pages :))
this is a lovely milestone with you and Luke.. Heres to many many more years together :))x

Heather Jacob said...

I frequent your blog often Nic I adore your work sooooo creative, funky and awesome ... love it all soooo inspiring ... hugz x

Ilene said...

These are so great, and I love the little cut out elements against the kraft background on the first! Awesome :)

Can't believe it took me this long to find your blog Nicole! LOL

Claudia said...

I like the color on the kraft background and mutch more.