Wednesday, 2 February 2011

A not so mini MINI

This is my last January Project for Annas Craft Cupboard :) ABSOLUTELY loved putting this together, a collection of my January photos for my photo a day challenge, which I should update on my blog.

October Afternoons Modern Homemaker worked so well with this, isn't the little house album CUTE. I ended up removing a few of the paper pages and I used my Fabric Stiff from Helmar on a couple of pieces of calico, once dried I traced the house shape cut it and stitched the edges. Thought this added just a little more homely feel. Plus another range of texture through the album. I've kept it quite simple too. Didn't want to bulk it up too much seeing as there is heaps of pages.

Crazy thing, just looking through these photos and I've noticed that there is none of Deacon :( makes me feel like he's not important, but it's not that, he just RUNS from the camera now.

Hope you enjoyed my album, thanks so much to Anna for allowing me to do it for a DT Project


Fluffy said...

That is fabulous, are you going to do the same for each month? T x

Sara said...

Fantastic album!

I understand how you feel about Dea missing from photos, have the same problem with my boys. I scrap way more of Max because all of my photos of Jet are of him moving out of the frame before I catch him or it's blurry. :(

Ebony van der Starre said...

Wow....I truelly love it!!!!! what an awesome keepsake!!!
Im the same with my pics at the moment...heaps of Maya,not so many of Will.Happens Great work!