Thursday, 20 January 2011

Mr 10 Month Old

Yes he is 10months old, well really he is 10.5 months old ;)

Weight: 9.5kg
(still a midget, bigger than sissy but no where near as big as his brothers)
Height: 75cm

-talks talks talks, don't know what he is saying but he doesn't stop
-likes to 'get up' you if you're not getting him food quick enough
-eats 3-4 weetbix for breakfast
-weaned :( just after Christmas
-drinks milk, all day
-eats all day
-stands, has actually started to stand without holding on
-has taken 3 steps
-trying to climb, everything gets the leg lift treatment to see if he is tall enough to throw it over
-walks around all furniture
-loves loves loves cuddles
-likes to play boo, read books, really getting into toys :) the boys cars especially
-rooming with the other boys now
-likes to pull everything down or out
-can hide in cupboards
-so incredibly cheeky
-as soon as he knows Lukes home from work he is standing at the gate yelling
-hates getting OUT of the bath
-still sleeping 3hrs a day
-likes to be into whatever the other kids are doing
-still loves eating leaves and grass
-is growing up way too quickly
-still a joy though ;)

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