Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Knock Knock....... Anyone HOME!!!!!!

oops I've been neglecting my blog a little :(

honestly I have a good reason, really I DO

unfortunately I wish I could say that I've been scrapping up a storm or doing something equally creative but alas NO

I've been cleaning out our house, call it 'summer' cleaning if you wish.

Been crazy crazy here. I've found TWO ute loads of rubbish, yes I DUMPED two UTE loads from out of the house, you have to wonder where on earth it all comes from.

In my big clean up I've washed all the walls (our bedroom is the only room I have left to clean), scrubbed some floors, yep down on my hands and knees; washed windows, changed 5 ROOMS around, pushed, pulled, shoved and kicked furniture from one end of the house to the other.

Charlotte now has a new bedroom, all THREE boys are now sharing a bedroom (Charlottes old one), I changed our junk (oh yeah that's where all the rubbish came from) room into a toy room for the kids, that in itself was a day long job; moved the computer from the lounge out into the room formally known as my scraproom ;) aquired a new scraproom :D which I'm still trying to organise, I promise I'll have photos up before I destroy it. Need some evidence that once in a million years I can actually keep it clean. Need some shelves and hooks up first and curtains. I can safely tell you though that after the past week I am totally sick of cleaning. Most days start at 6am and I'm still going at midnight. Feeling a little physically exhausted, should be in bed now.

I bit the bullet and signed up for weight watchers :) I know I was doing OK by myself but I need something to keep me on track, offically I have 10kg to go to hit my goal weight, 7kg to get to my unoffical goal weight, I'm starting to feel good, am fitting into clothes that haven't for YEARS. LOVING working out, tready is pulled out nearly every night, plus I brought some new trainers and I'm looking to find Zumba so I can play on odd days.

Charlotte is at school next week :( :) I honestly don't know whether to feel sad or happy. Going to be a HUGE change here. Be a very strange week next week. It'll just be me and the boys home.

I know I have things to share, but they are all on the other computer and you know what I can't be buggered to turn it on.

but please go and check out GET PICKY and CREATIVE SCRAPPERS new challenges are up

so for the moment that is ME



Frances said...

Busy, busy, but it sounds like it is good busy! Can't wait to see what you have been working on...

Stacey Young said...

Awesome job girl, I wish I had your place is in need of some TLC too but can't get motivated to do anything...we did a dump load just after Christmas too but I haven't had the energy to do much else, you may have just inspired me:) Take care xo

Lisa K said...

Good on you - my three boys shared for years and years no-one wanted to be by themself! My daughter would like to sleep in there too!! Nothing like a GREAT cleanup - starts the new year fresh!!

Felicity said...

sounds busy Nic at home, but I beat it feels so good to have all that cleaning done :)
Charlotte at school, next week.. wow.. beat she is excited but! Dont forget to pick her up from school. lol Enjoy your time with your boys.
You are going so good with your weight, but WW will be great encouragement too.
Have a good rest of the week.

Kirsty said...

WOW! You have been busy! Congrats on your weight loss :) We've been cleaning up here too...such a satisfying feeling seeing all the junk being tossed away!

Jessemiah said...

OMG You are one busy lady....I remember reading another one of your posts about all the things you do in a day/week/month....and I thought how on earth does she do it?? You go girl....could you send some of that spring cleaning motivation my way? Love and Peace xox

Maria said...

Wow what a job but well worth the effort. Clutter it seems to attract like a magnet.

Good on you with the health side of things too.