Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Time out

Have deadlines looming so I've decided that for this next week or so (well until I have myself sorted) I'm going to be offline. No Internet and no facebook.

Doesn't help that I've lost all mojo :( and I have no time at all to scrap. Seriously doing my head in right now. Days are filled with kids and housework nights well nothing is happening then. Go to scrap and if Adam doesn't wake up all I seem to do is push paper around.

Someone please find my mojo and send it back.

See you all on the flip side


1 comment:

scrapwitch said...

i so understand Nic ..i dont know how you juggle it all,such young ones,and you produce such awesome work...
but one does need to refocus sometimes to acheive those goals.and ditchin the net is one way for sure.

as for your mojo...i guess cyber/blog-hopping isnt the best suggestion...
for me ...i go take photos .and that always inspires my mojo flow