Thursday, 14 October 2010

Deacon @2

Bit late in getting this up, oops...

Dea turned 2 on the 4th, we had a party for him the Sunday before. Just a casual do with only family. It's nice to just have that time....

I really can't believe that he is two and in the past month he has grown up so much

Height: 93cm
Weight: 15.2kg

-speaks in sentences
-doesn't sleep at all during the day
-loves nearly all food
-loves to help cook, likes tipping things in and has helped crack eggs too. hmmm
-runs, runs, runs everywhere
-needs both his puppies to sleep at night
-loves books and being read to
-loves to paint, draw, colour
-knows some numbers and letters
-knows some colours
-knows all animals and noises they make
-still my mummas boy
-biggest sook, will drop his lip if he knows he's going to get into trouble
-LOVES to be outside
-tells me when he's gone to the toilet, gotta work on that one.
-wears jocks most days
-loves Bob, Thomas, Chuggington, anything that involves cars,
-is the MOST affectionate of all the kids, loves his hugs and kisses,
-wears mostly a size 3 with a few 4's thrown in
-takes a size 10 shoe

Photos takes at his party

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