Thursday, 14 October 2010

7 Month old Adam

Another month another Adam update, again like Dea's I'm a little behind this

Adam is the most placid, easy baby. Polar opposite to what Dea was. Loves to just get around and watch the kids, doesn't need constant attention.

7 Months

Weight: 8.6kg
Length: 71cm

-still a small fry compared to his older brothers (but weighs 100g more than Char did at 1)
-eats 5 times a day, plus boob on top of that
-smiles, laughs and talks to anything
-if it's in his hands, its in his mouth ;)
-loves being in the walker
-loves sitting up in the trolley
-sits for longer periods of time now, and can get himself down on his belly from sitting
-can now roll from back to front (long time coming)
-still only getting on his hands and knees and rocking, does get up on his hands and feet and trys to walk along too,
-moves everywhere even though he isn't really crawling
-puts himself up to sitting after being on his belly
-drinks from a cup
-sleeps from 7-7.30pm til 7-8am
-loves to splash in the bath
-loves following the kids around
-has the most cheekiest grin and the most smiley eyes
-wears some 00 and some 0 sized clothes, moving more towards the 0's now.

Took him outside this arvo for a few photos, nice and overcast, so no harsh sunlight, was fun :)

my fav pic <3


donna said...

oh wow Nic... these photos of Adam are GORGEOUS! I cant wait to see what you create with them. And I cant believe he is 7 months old already!

love Donna xxx

BigRedMuuuu said...

so cute!
eating leaves ^)))