Sunday, 1 August 2010

New Challenges up EVERYWHERE

New Month New Challenges

Over at Bons they've all gone up you should check them out

Girls of Summer - this is my take on room of the month. My example is actually sooooo different to the room but still a little similar. lol. I know I've scrapped this photo before but I've had these G45 papers in my stash for such a LONG time and really wanted to use them it all just seemed to work.

you know if you want to make your copied photo look a little more aged, just crease it a few times, doesn't look as 'fresh' then hehehehe

Your Cranky Look - this is using the Paper of the Month, I was actually a little thrown by the paper but kept it simple and actually don't mind how it's turned out now :)

Zac throwing his Cranky Face. He has such a CRAZY personality, and really lets you know now if he's not impressed with you. Hands on the hips, stands there holding his ground, the boy really has a bad mix of me and Luke, we are both so pig headed.

Be great to see a few new faces over at Bons playing along with these challenges.



Tara said...

They look great... What is your challenge this month?

Leanne said...

OMG... i love love the first one.. amazing.. OMG what a pic.. and i love everything that you have done to the page... and on the second.. LOL i really love a cranky face photo..and those pp do work really really well.. hope you are all getting better... lots of love.