Thursday, 22 July 2010

soooooooo OVER IT

OMG this cold/flu/virus we all have is a pain in the butt.

Even with Antibotics just doesn't seem to be shaking it

 now Luke has it.... OMG MAN FLU

I'm hoping to do something tonight. Have a couple of things I want to do and a couple of things that NEED to be done.

Just as long as little mister goes down well. Poor Poor bubba is coughing badly :( makes me feel horrible.


Hate being sick

Anyway in other news, have you had a go at the July Kraft It Up challenge, closes on the 31st July and while we are talking about challenges, have you gone and played along with Scrap the Boys yet???

alrighty about it from me.


Stacey Young said...

Aww, hope you guys all feel better soon....I know how horrible it is. Hugs to you guys:)

Stace xo

P.s I want to see those sneakies...they look awesome:)

Nikki xx said...

OH nooooo Nic! I feel sooooo sorry for you! Not just beacause the poor kids are still sick, but MAN FLU....that is just the worst!!!! and not for him, for you..hehehe....give me sick kids any day! Hang in there...hopefully you'll all be better soon. :) xx

Anonymous said...

oh noooo man flu that has got to be the worst they are such babies i reckon:) this is why we were given the bodies to carry the babies imagine a man carrying and giving birth oohhhh dear LOL!!hope all is well soon


hope u are all over the flu.. what a down hill run you have had.. and man flu on top.. OMG...all the best with it chickee