Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Yesterday and last night

A little bit of Dad doing this

lead to the kids finding these

and having a go themselves

They had a ball trying to cut up the branches, and helping carry them to the truck. I'm glad my kids love being outside.
Great too look out now too and see this tree looking a bit more tidy and not dropping leaves all over the shed. Plus now I don't have to worry about it hitting me across the face everytime I walk out to the car..... LOL

Then last night as dad was out the back checking on his cows, he saw a few feral pigs. Gus ended up chasing one and catching it. Pretty big feat considering Gus isn't a very big dog. So the kids got to see one of these destroying beasts up close. OMG it was wild for a little one.. trying to take snaps at the dogs and trying to bite dad too.

So that was our excitement for the day

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1 comment:

amanda73 said...

lol at your kids chopping down the son has that talkin chainsaw too.......
love the pics of your pig...sounds like you had a great day