Thursday, 17 June 2010

Coming Soon........

A Huge Giveaway

I just noticed I'm about 200 visits off 50 000

OMG. that's alot of people coming to check me out.

so whenever you leave me a comment please note in the comment what number visitor you are.....

the Lucky number 50 000 will get something from me.

Been going through my Scrapware and I have ALOT of surplus that would love to find a new home

Well I'm off to bed. 12.30am is a time for me to be sleeping



Jacquie Hay said...

Please pick me

Leanne said...

OMG.. what a HUGE number of visitors to your blog..and no wonder you are super amazing scrapper.. and thanks for the reciepes....
yay.. lots of love and sugar.
Leanne j.


Leanne said...

Woot woot! yay! scrapware giveaway...x Goodluck with the numbers!

bridgedan said...

number 50,125 here way past the 50,000 i was only visiting yesterday and wow heaps of visitors since then !!