Saturday, 30 January 2010

just playing catch up AGAIN

26 January 2010 - how much more Australian can you get, gum tree

And half dingo -
Mother is a dingo father is???? well we think it might be Chevy, if not it's Gus.

27 January 2010 - my new toy, and it works VERY well

28 January 2010 - not Much doing????
Will climb everything, got up on the dining table just so he could play with Charlottes puzzle

Little Miss Maker, seriously addicted to the sewing machine

29 January 2010 - trying to steal a 5 minute break.
Managed to clean out the bathroom (walls, windows, bathtub/shower, sink and cupboard)
Cleaned the kitchen (walls, sink, windows, oven/stove and cupboard)
Baked - choc slice and Cinnamon Tea cake
4 loads of washing
ummm and a million other things.

36 weeks - ekkkkkkkkk, am I ready.........

30 January 2010 - bits of everything
Cannot feed Dea anything anymore, so he 'fed' himself his yoghurt this morning, best drunk straight.

Just a little outside time

Check out the face

love this

and this

My kids aren't crazy

Think my dad has his lap full, LOL. wonder where #4 is going to sit

Mr Muscles


Leanne said...

Wow! 4 weeks to go? Are you ready?! Hee hee... All the very best.

Great photos btw.

Tara said...

these pics are just gorgeous Nic!!!

ew at the yoghurt though! lol

Donna said...

Gorgeous pics nic... love the yoghurt! lmao.. Hey only 4 weeks.. omg.. can you let me know when bub comes so I can come and visit!! xx

Michelle Jamieson said...

Only 4 weeks...Eeekkk!!!
Are you ready?

Can't believe how much the boys have grown? Dea and Zac are both getting so big. Miss Charlotte, is jus too cute. Is she at school this year or next year??

I've given you an award on my blog!;)

Chelle Xx

miasmummy said...

Love all your photos Nic! Just love them! I'm sure your Dad will have plenty more room on his lap for the new bubba! xxx