Sunday, 31 January 2010

AND even more creating

Dirty Man - Zac loves the dirt, the mud, the grease, well really anything he can cover himself in LOL. See those gorgeous Kittyrobot buttons too, based on Charms sketch at Bons

Full Noise - Flis wanted to see the top 9 things of 09, and then challenged us to scrap something from the list. Lukey doing what Lukey loves. RACING, lol, and getting covered in crap... hmm now makes me think I know where Zac got it from.

Joke - Love the connection these two have. Using another Kittyrobot Resin button

Crazy Cat - Love this pic of Char (these layouts are from Bons' girl kit)

Our New Rig - LOVE our new car. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Write Now Challenge at Bons and anther Kittyrobot button, love these too

They Have a Connection - I created this using the below colours. Challenge #141 is up now at Color Combos Galore

Thats it for the moment

We've been having some beautiful showers over the past day <3 <3 <3



Linda said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous LO's Nic- you're really on a role atm!

I hope the rain keeps up for you - fill those dams up :)

Felicity said...

I LOVE every SINGLE of those Nic!!!
You rock my socks :) xx

Sar said...

Jinx Felicity...was just about to say i LOVE every single thing about every single one of those pages, Nic! They're just awesome!! xoxo

Kathleen said...

Yum yum YUMMO!!! Nic u r seriously inspiring me, especially love all the little bits of fabric!!