Friday, 6 November 2009

734 photos later

We had no power for most of the day so in between playing, seeing a snake, and just the general life of the Pomeroy household we had a bit of an impromptu photoshoot. Yep took over 700 photos, played with settings ALOT, generally had lots of fun. While they aren't the best. I do love them regardless, and really what fun is it if you can't just play. All natural light and untouched :) geez I'm sooooo lazy to do that. Look how dark Char's hair looks in that other photo. She's a little like me, major natural highlights. There is more photos here if you want a look. Blogger is being a pain and not wanting me to share anymore.

This photo was taken by Zac, took quiet a few more of Charlotte, Dea and even his puppy. Think he's a photographer in the making :)

So that was our day, tomorrow we are suppose to be heading to the beach :) yay, fun. Unless we get rained out. LOL. yep I did say rain but knowing our luck it'll stop in about 5 minutes.

Have a fab weekend whatever you do.



Leanne said...

Gorgeous! Love that photo of Miss C! She looks so much older since the photo in your sidebar has been taken! :) So glad you had time to play...

Felicity said...

GORGEOUS photos. love them all!!
Your children are certainly growing.
HAve fun at the beach!!
:) xx

Sar said...

You've been tagged over at my blog! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics Nicole! Love the pale, overexposed look, shows the eyes of your little ones so well!

M x

Lucy Edson said...

Your kids are so adorable, Nicole! I see lots of potential scrapping here! ;)

700+ photos - that sounds like me.

Anonymous said...

Hey crazy chicklet, feel free to throw a couple Canon tips my way when you feel like it :):):):):):)