Monday, 21 September 2009

Ummm, yep, whatever

so what's been up.......

not much to tell you the truth

Char's collarbone healed well. Still sort of screwy but hey the bone mended.

Dea's nearly one.

Zac's grown major attitude.

I've pretty much stopped scrapping, well except for today, OMG, three + LO's

Luke's raced for the second time and came in 4th out of 15 cars.

Camera has had a major workout

I've nearly finished my Teacher Aide course.

Started a Photography course.

Had a couple of mini photo sessions with friends.

Been booked for a wedding next March, (huh, this was behind my back, luckily it's Luke's cousin, and they were only going to use disposible cameras)

And before anyone starts smacking me, no I'm not trying to be a scrapper turned photographer, this is me taking photo's and giving them to friends to save them a few bucks.

We've had alot of family day's out, with a lot more planned.

I'm trying to loose weight, totally unsuccessfully I might add. Which sucks, I eat healthy, do exercise and nothing changes.

Weaning Dea, down to 2 feeds a day. And I've got him sleeping through. Still not walking though.

Ummmmmmm, not much else.

Hopefully I'll be back a little sooner with some photo's and maybe a LO or two to share.

Until then,



Wendy Smith said...

oh Nicole...sounds like you have been super busy. Can't believe Dea is nearly 1...felt like I have watched him since a newborn

take care x x x

Leanne said...

Hey there! Keep slogging it out! Hope you are doing ok... apart from being soooo busy. :) Glad to have you check back in.

miasmummy said...

Well, you know I'm happy to 'see' you back around!! Glad Char's collarbone is fixed..... xxx

georgia said...

glad to hear you're still with us!! it sounds like you've been enjoying your "break" - would love to see some pics when you feel like sharing :-)

Ali said...

Well it seems like you have had a good break to focus on family, studies and some fun too! Looking forward to seeing some photos!!!

Hetty Hall said...

Good to see you blogging again Nic, and so glad to hear Charlotte is ok now.
Hugs xx

Felicity said...

you sound busy and enjoying your break scrapping.

Moira said...

Take care of yourself!
And I found it nigh on impossible to lose weight while I was bfing. Everyone else says it falls of them, but not me! After I finished I dropped a lot though (unfortunately I've put most of it back on though by being a lazy bum).
Best wishes to you!

Lea said...

Hey Nicole, I was lurking your blog a while back and wondered how your little miss was going. good to hear she mended ok...sounds like you have been busy, busy. take care!

scrapbook CAPITAL said...

sorry to hear about char's collar bone but so glad to see you back in the midst of things....

I am... said...

Ive missed you :)
glad to see things are awesome n i love the new hair very hot!!

poor char, hope shes feeling good now

anyway chat soon, miss ya!