Sunday, 27 September 2009

finally photos

Yeppoon Beach
- spent the day, playing in the sand and eating fish and chips from the best shop there. totally delish and so so so fresh, Dea getting a taste for the water, and sand too, kids running up and down chasing the seagulls, and building sand castles.

Rocky Botanic Gardens
- just chilling, enjoying the weather and each others company, kids looking for flowers and chasing the birds, Dea eating leaves, looking at the animals, and feeling like ice-cream.

-just being himself, looking oh so spunky.

Kabra Twin Tracks
- Lukey rippin it up, was his second race and he ended up coming 4th out of about 15 starters, raced Stewie 3 out of 4 races and beat him 4 out of 8 starts.

-go the mighty fat boy :)

The Aftermath
- kids helping daddy clean the falcon the next day, looking nice and dirty, like they like it.

- gorgeous little girl who is the Daughter of one of my friends.

- the elder of the two girls, Char and Paige will be going to school together so we are starting to have regular get togethers.

- what can I say, she is the ultimate poser ATM. loves the photos and loves looking at them afterwards and telling me which ones are the good photos of her. Cheeky thing.

Peter's 60th
- Luke's dad celebrated his 60th at the end of August. from left to right, Luke, Peter, Stewart (luke's cousin, David's son) and David (Peter's brother) they are all scarily similar, have the Pomeroy chin, which all our kids have gotten too.

Our New Toy
- added to our machinery, we now own a mower/conditioner. takes our hay making gear upto including a rake and baler too. Slowly getting there.

- the little boy who is asleep next to me as I type. He's taken to needing a sleep during the day again. Getting soooo clever, and needs to be outside all the time.

Finally there is
- got a new 'do, started my Thursday morning with hair to close to my butt, got a whole day to myself, first time since Dea's been born and about the 5th time ever since Char has been born. while it felt like I was missing two legs and an arm all day, it was nice not to have to worry about the kids.
Hairdresser's was about a 4hr stay, chopped and coloured in a gorgeous violet, with red and blonde foils. Me likey a lot.

So just a few pics of what our life was like while I had some time off.



Anonymous said...

Hello Stranger nice to see you blogging again, I'm happy that life is more normal, stay happy and I hope your back scrapping again (Missed you) :):):) hugs xxx

Anonymous said...

Hey gorgeous gal, loved looking at all your pics, but the highlight for me was the "me likey alot" loooooooove it - mwah, glad you are back :):):):):):)

Hetty Hall said...

Nic your hair is gorgeous, like it a lot too and your family photos are adorable as well, good to see you back blogging again!!

Leanne said...

Photos look fantastic!!

miasmummy said...

I love your hair, you look so vibrant Nic!!!! Great family pics, I too like the me likey comment, reminds me of Carrie from a Sex and the City episode.... xxx

Felicity said...

wow, how gorgous are you! love your new look.
how good are piccies, looks like youve had fun going places.

Sar said...

Lovely to have you back in the blogging world, thanks for sharing your pics, your hair looks GORGEOUS!! xoxo

Allie said...

Love the new hair-do! For some reason I have never pictured you with hair that long - must always have it up in photos?

scrapbook CAPITAL said...

You look absolutely stunning and what a gorgeous range of photos. Glad to have you back