Thursday, 7 May 2009

What's up in this neck of the Woods???

Really not much.

Been in town the past two days with Dea at the doctors, he's got medicine and is having some test's done, just waiting on the results. Doctor doesn't think it's anything serious, could be as simple as teething, but is just checking everything out for safety's sake. Kids are the kids, cheeky, funny, and into so much mischief together. Zac is getting to be sooooo funny with what he says and does, Charlotte doesn't help and likes to 'encourage' him to do things that will get him in trouble. Going well with his toilet training, loves peeing on the prickles we have.

Have had a rough couple of nights with Deacon, but last night was the worst, up three times between 11.30pm and 5am. Yawn I'm paying for it now.

Scrapping wise I'm doing the catch up and trying to get stuck into a few deadlines. I've completed a few CJ's which stupidly I forgot to take photos of, I swear I'd loose my head if it wasn't screwed on right now.

DIVA, from the Chippy School at Scrapping Outback

I think I'm in love with this paper, isn't it the most DEVINE, mmmmmm

Upclose of the technique

HUH? this weeks Color Combo Challenge #121

Colours, fun aren't they.

I made a few cards this afternoon, and I've scrapped for my upcoming class at Scrap'n Scrap, two LO's using October Afternoon Night Light range.

Sneaks for my class

Keep thinking that there is things I haven't shown yet, but my brain is mush and I cannot remember.

We're off again to town tomorrow, hope I'll survive the drive.

Well take care peeps, have a great Thursday night



miasmummy said...

Nic, hearing you on the broken sleep thing! How do you find the time to scrap? Maybe I'm not quite as addicted as you, and I don't have deadlines either!! Take care, i'm sure Dea is fine, they are funny little things! xxx

Lyndall said...

Hope you get a full nights sleep tonight.
Love your Diva LO.
Hope Dea is back to normal soon.

Donna said...

Love em Nic.. Hope the little man gets better soon.. What date are you doing the class.. I sooo want to do this.. love the sneak peaks!!!

Wendy Smith said...

these are the HUH? Lo...the colours are fantastic...might have to have a crack at that one myself.

always great checking your bog

BabyBokChoy said...

Now I see the full "huh" layout, I believe :) lol...

Hey, the diva layout is great!! :) I love the paper of course and the chipboard!!

You class sneaks look GREAT. I am a utter and complete OA lover, and I'm very partial to the Night Light collection!!!

Kathleen said...

Gosh, not much sleep yet you still manage to turn out page upon page - how do you do it??! Love these creations, so inspiring :)


Felicity said...

loving your work (as usual)!!
I hope Deacon is on the mend of you and that you did get a good sleep last night.
HAve a top weekend.

Maxine said...

I feel for you on the broken sleep. How you get a good night's rest tonight.

Love the sneaks for your upcoming class. I love October Afternoon.

sam said...

beautiful layouts, love the Huh? layout!! hugs sam

Anonymous said...

Hello, Just stopping in for a peek and thought I should comment too! ;) I really love your Diva layout. I'd love to do a class of yours if you lived closer (or did one online ...!)
Hope Deacon is all good now.
Moira aka Moi

Leanne said...

Hi Nic! Just wanted to let you know that I got your lovely RAK in the mail today!!! So excited! Thanks heaps.