Monday, 4 May 2009


Yep he's now 7 months old

These photos are actually from a couple of weeks ago, but today is too miserable of weather to good photography

So what's new with Deacon

Weight: 9.7kg (has lost weight since last month)
Length: 73cm

Would sit forever now
Wants you to hold him so he can stand, would do that all day too
Has solids for breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner now as well as boob at all these times too, yep he's a greedy thing.
Loves the kids talking to him and will follow them around the house with his eyes only
Has started to bum scruff around, not very quickly and sometimes gets lazy and does nothing
Will swim crawl backwards, and gets frustrated when he hits a wall.
Loves cuddles
Loves kisses
Screams the house down when you take him out of the bath
Is sick right now, has been for the past two weeks, I'm going to have to take him to the doctor, we passed it off as teething but now I'm worried, as he's lost about 500grams over the past two weeks.
Picks up anything and puts it straight into his mouth.
Wakes anywhere between 2-5am for a feed, mummy is soooo over this one.
Will keep himself occupied for more than 5 minutes now, so I can atleast get the beds made in the mornings and Charlotte and Zac dressed
Drinks from a cup, no sippy cups a normal cup. Thinks he's pretty clever until he chokes himself.
Eats our meals for Dinner now

Brain has turned to mush, can't think of anything else.

Leave you with this song by Melinda Schneider, love it, going in a CJ that I'm currently working on :) Hopefully I'll have them ready to post by Wednesday along with my RAK packs. Still waiting on a couple of addresses from people.


I used to live in a hurry
Addicted to worry
Thinking my destiny was in my hands
No matter how hard I tried I was never satisfied
With my lot in life
Now I got a new plan
I'm gonna live from day to day
Stop worrying and wishing my life away
Nothing wrong with holding on to these dreams of mine
It'll happen in God's time
All in God's time
How happy will I be
No more trying to find me
Gonna be such a sweet relief to be closing that door
If I kindle that fire inside
But not let it burn too bright
Then I'll be cooking when the timing's right and not a second before
It's not like I've gotta win some race
Force every piece of the puzzle into place
But I can keep holding on to these dreams of mine
It'll happen in God's time
All in God's time
It'll happen in God's time
All in God's time

Hope you all have a creative Monday



Tara said...

Great piccies Nic, Love the top one... Still can't believe all Dea's hair though!! I'm starting to wonder if Zayne will ever get any lol...

Hope all is well with Dea when you take him to the dr's... Zayne lost a bit of weight on one of our clinic visits a few months ago, but continued piling it on after that... :-(

I'm LOL-ing at your last post.... Oh man ya just couldn't think of more babies when ya still getting up through the night to the one you have now!!!

Crystal Bowman said...

Just Beautiful Photo's Nic!!

scrapbook CAPITAL said...

oh too cute. I hope he is OK Nic, wow time really flies.

Leanne said...

Isn't he gorgeous!!! Hope you got my addy. Let me know if I need to send it again. Thanks.

Lyndall said...

Deacon is just so cute.
Hope he gets better soon.

sharon said...

Deacon is growing soooo fast
Love reading what he is up to

jazzii said...

great pix nic. i love the first pic - because of the hair :)