Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Some YAY news

Nothing much really but to me it's pretty awesome

I've been slowly doing a Teacher Aide course for the past year. Only got stuck into it at the end of last year though. Opps.

Well I just got a couple of assignments back today and I got High Distinctions for them. WooHoo, equivilant to A+ Yay. So far that's 4 out of 4. Very happy and pleased with myself only 12 to go. LOL

That's it

I've been playing around with my blog today, took forever to try and work out the template, in the end I deleted the old one and just added all my links and pictures back into the new one.

Thanks B for trying to help out though.



phatassphairy said...

good on ya nic ....

lucky your brain didn't close up with those ear ring holes

Krissy C said...


Belinda Venables said...

Yay Nic - congrats! How exciting!!! :)
Blog looks great too. I didn't do much, wish I could have helped with the banner.

Leanne said...

Well done chickie! It always feels good to have hard work recognized!!! Congratulations.

Nic said...

Awesome Nic, well done!! I looked into doing a teacher Aide course through Tafe this year but had to do 200 hours of prac over the year so put it off til next year when Kody is a bit older.. was really looking forward to it though! Who do you do it through? Do you do prac?

Tracy Firth said...

well done on the assignments chickie. I wondered why I couldnt get into your blog the other night - thought you didnt love me anyomore ("you have to be invited to view this blog" message)

Ange said...

Well done Nic, 12 to go will pass in a flash