Thursday, 5 March 2009

1, 2, 3, 4, FIVE

If you haven't guessed DEACON is now 5 months old, (yesterday)

Weight: 9kg (slowed down ALOT in his weight gain)
Length: 71cm

Loves being in the walker
Loves being in the Jolly Jumper
LOVES food, all food, especially my food
Loves to chew on anything, very fond of Lukes wedding ring
Wants to stand up
Wants to play with the kids
Sits for a long time now before he topples over
Goes for the big sloppy kiss if you get close to his face
Still is a very serious little man, we don't get a whole lot of smiles or laughter from him
looks so long and not very chubby.
Looking more and more like my dad's side of the family, has their ears thats for sure.
Wearing 0's, which we need to buy more of. *roll eyes*
Talks non stop.
Loves watching Play School with Charlotte. Screams at the TV.
Is still waking up to 3 times a night, is getting better in the past few days and has only woken at 4amish.
Loves watching Charlotte and Zac, you can see that he wants to be there too.
Rolls way too much
Is up on his knees, not holding out any hope of him crawling anytime soon though. Few months time will be good.
Feeding about 7 times a day
Sits in the trolley now when we go shopping, looks ever so cute.

Umm probably bored you all now.

A couple of Mr Serious photos......


Sheri said...

his so gorgus Nic :D
and it sounds like he cant wait to get up and going :)
i just looked at all your Layouts below and.. wow! theyre all so good! i love the wrestle and the shine one

Hetty Hall said...

He is too cute Nic!!
Hugs xx

Sar said...

OMG, five months already, doesn't it just go too quick!!

Love all your new LO's in the last post too, glad we get to see SOME of your work on here.... lol!

Luv Sar

Nic said...

He's a gorgeous little man... gotta love those sloppy kisses hey! Ours are getting few and far between now that Kody is Mr independent! xx

jazsutra said...

Happy belated 5th birthday to Deacon!!! he's a mr cute-handsome!!! and hey Nicole,how are you?thanks for coming by my page at inspireME.Miss you've been queit there ;)....and wooooo lovely layouts here!!!

Leanne said...

SERIOUSLY! Where is the time going? Cute pics and love how you record the details.

Felicity said...

He is super cute!! Love those pics, time is sure going quick!!
Flis x

scrapbook CAPITAL said...

too cute.... doesnt time fly. He will be causing chaos soon than you think Nic...