Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Lukes' newest BABY

Luke finally went and got his bike licence, and as a reward he got himself a road bike. Is only allowed to ride a 250, hehehehe. It's even the same colour as his Gemini. LOL, you'd think we like red, looking at that top photo. Do you see the little 'L' plate he has on the back, happy to say though, Luke's going for his licence on the weekend. So that should soon be gone. YAY!!!!


Belinda Venables said...

Mmm..noice comment! pmsl.

Love the bike! Love the colour too. Very cool!


Anthea said...

good on him!! Shane got his L's last year and had a postie scooter to ride on (believe me he got a lot of looks, especially from the posties)He got is licence in Jan and is not on the hunt for a new baby, I will have to show him the pics of your mans bike, it looks very nice.