Wednesday, 4 February 2009


My littlest man is 4 MONTHS

Totally crazy and I'm wondering where the time is going

Weight: 8.8kg
Length: 68 cm

He sits
He smiles
He chuckles
He rolls both ways
He slobbers
He loves kisses
He loves to give them back too
He wants to get down and play with the kids
He has three solid meals a day
He has 5-6 boob feeds a day
He is not sleeping well - erk
He is waking around 4amish for a feed - what the?????
He has a turned eye - we've got a referal to see an eye specialist :(
He is lovely
He is cuddly
He is all mine

Just a couple of pics of my littlest man from today

He's lovely isn't he???



naomi said...

Hey Nic,
I have missed you, Deacon is so very very precious... hold on tight causse they grow up way too fast my baby is 2 in 2weeks and I cant help thinking somewhere along the way I must have missed a huge chunk cause surely it couldn't have past so quickly.
I am going back to check out the rest of your blog now that I am surfin and bloggin again. You are my first stop in
love naomi x

Kathie said...

Hey he is a really cute little boy!! Nice to see somebody that is proud of their childrn!!

scrapbook CAPITAL said...

who doesnt love a slobbery baby and he is adorable. Love the new hot red sexy bike too.

Maxine said...

Wow time has flown. He is growing more and more gorgeous in every new photo you share.

Nic said...

He sure is!!!!! Cute as a button.... My 14 month old wakes most nights for a feed STILL so Deacon is doing well!! Good luck with the specialist. Don't be too worried though, they'll fix him all up!xx

miasmummy said...

Yes,is lovely, where DOES the time go?? xx

♥ Di ♥ said...

Nic, little Dea is too cute!
You should be very proud girl!

Renee Dowling said...

Hi Nic,
Ohh - what a cutie, how time flies along, he looks like a strong healthy little man!

Lucy Edson said...

What an adorable cutie!! Great photos, they grow so fast! I can see a couple of layouts from some of those photos! ;)

Felicity said...

How quick is Deacon growing.. wow.. 4 months old!!
He is a cutie!!
Felicity xx

Tara said...

Love your pics Nic, Good to see Dea is going so well. Bummer about the night feeds though!
Hope all goes well with the eye specialist....

Zayne can't roll both ways yet, He tries sooo hard but he can't get past his arm. LOL makes him real cranky that he can't do it too....

I am... said...

aww hes a cutie.
looks so much like his siblings too :D

and also btw, congrats covergirl.
saw the mag yesterday, when i got michaels issue sent here instead of his house?
and as soon as we saw it knew it was your gorgeous girl on there!!
and saw you owning sc mag this month,.you are on fire nic!!


Kathleen said...

Awwww, gosh it goes fast doesnt it?? Love the pickie's, looks like he's a smiler!

And love the other new "baby" too, lol


lusi said...

Gosh Nic, time sure does fly and YES Deacon is CUTE as!
Hope you are doing well - think of you often :)
Love Lus x