Thursday, 8 January 2009

Yesterday's Visitor

We've decided to clean up our garden, start over and make it pretty, and also grow vegies to try and save a little money too. While we were doing this look at this gorgeous little fellow we found

Zac was in love, he's addicted to all creatures. Wanted to hold him and touch him and then when Luke let the lizard go Zac went looking for him.


Kathleen said...

Awww - what a cutie!


Donna Heart said...

Hi Nic! I can hardly believe that Deacon is three months old already - I hope you are soaking up every lucious bit of that juicy gorgeous little man - I'd just love to be let loose with those cheeks - soooooo yumilicious! Good luck with the vegie garden - always lots of fun with the kidlets, X Don

Renee Dowling said...

Hi Nic,
Happy New year!!
Hahaha...this happened to me not so long ago and guess what - we ended up at the pet store with an addition of a Blue tounge our family the kids just didn't want to let the one they found go, so I agreed we could get one only from the pet store if they let the wild on go!!
Been looking through all your pics and the kids look like they had a great christmas!

Anonymous said...

Hey Nic, just wanted to congratulate you on your massive spread in SC magazine, was so excited for you when I came across it today. You continue to inspire me as always, Tiff :o)

Julie H said...

Cute pix Nic - and good on you guys for starting your own vegie garden ... with the cost of fresh vegies these days I wish we had the room to do likewise.

catch up soon
Julie xx

Wendy Smith said...

so cute..lovely macro shots too

Anonymous said...

The photos of Deacon are so very cute Nicole, oh very cute piccie as well.

A little late but Happy New Year.

Carole xx