Friday, 9 January 2009

Shares and Thoughts

Just a few of the latest Layouts. Have a couple more that I have to photograph yet, too overcast and rainy here at the moment.

Love this photo, and even the way this Layout turned out. Used one of Tammy Templeton's Journalling Spots on this, how funky are they.

Just a quick one using one of the KI Memories Sheers. So what you can see underneath is my floor boards :)

Took part in an hour challenge over at Scrapbook Capital, with Luke annoying me on when I was going to finish this off, it only took 30 minutes, can't complain about that.

Another gorgeous photo of Deacon. Used one of the January Kits from Scrapbook Fantasies for these Layouts.

A very very quick Layout on my two mud monsters.

Soooo for some thoughts. I think I'm over the whole subbing to mags scene, really I'm sick of all the rejects. Honestly everytime one pops back in my mail box, it just draws a little more of my mojo away. I'm starting to feel very flat creatively wise, don't know what to do. Tried to take a break, tried to mix it up, tried sketches, shopping, nearly everything I can think of but my work is just looking old and dated. Even doing heaps of Challenges.......... It's frustrating, annoying and just killing me right now, especially since all I want to do IS scrap.

If anyone has an answer to this let me know, or even suggest something that might make me jump up and down with excitement. It's all just blah to me right now. :(

Peace out peoples......



LEA said...

hmmmmmm I am sure I just read a little feature in this months SC...textured treats or something showcasing some fabulous creations! You should check it out, you'll be inspired(wink) I was!

phatassphairy said...

great work nic your pic of Dea very nice advice for you except ...scrap for you babe, you are so inspirational just the way you are ...lets see over the last couple of years i have taken gutter guard, bubble painting, and bubble wrap stamping from you. You have made a big difference to my mojo ...and i magine there are 100's more ladies that have added a little piece of nic, so mate don't be bummed out on what is not happening ....focus on what you have done for the scrap world ....and having skid lids ((rolls the eyes)) can wreck your mojo flow chin up Nic your mojo will come back you are too talented to let it stay still for too long

scrapbook CAPITAL said...

Note to self - Make sure you check Nics blog every day.... wow had to catch up on so many
The answer to your dilema!!! print your own scrap mag..... just an idea... and in saying that, you would know what us scrappers really want i a mag... ;) We love your stuff so keep it coming, even if its just for us on the site to see... we love ya!!!xxx

Kathleen said...

Oh no!! Dont feel like that - I love it when I see a new post from your blog pop up on Bloglines!

Your LO's are gorgeous, I love the doodled borders, and the journalling on the photographs looks awesome!

I felt really flat after being rejected for the DT I applied for (getting ready for another rejection any day now! lol), so I sat down after some encouraging words from fellow scrappers and thought about what I really wanted.

Once you've figured that out - just do it!! I decided that I want to get published more, and there's a DT I really want to get on to aswell --> one thing someone said to me recently was to just keep trying, treat each submission as a chore, its just something you have to do, expect them to be knocked back, and each one will be a step closer to your goal. Since then I've been so much happier, yes Ive been rejected from DT's, yes I've had submission rejections, but I'm past caring - when it's time for me it'll happen.

But, if all you really want to do is scrap for yourself, then do that! Make that decision and dont worry about the rest of it! Know that you have lots and lots of admiring blog fans that would very upset if they didnt see your creations every week :)

Ok, I'll get off my box now...


Kathleen said...

Geez - what a novel, sorry!!!

Tara said...

Ha, well, when you think about some things that get published compared to what gets rejected, enough is said in itself isn't it!!! LOL...

Love all your stuff, and I wouldn't change any of it if I was you. Just remember the main thing is to tell the story the way you see it and it's there to look back on in the future... It's YOU and that's what matters.. Bugger the mags IMO...

I haven't scrapped in months and can't wait to get back into it, now that life has settled down a bit (and I can finally see my desk again!!!! he he he)... Hope to answer your latest email soon, and swap some piccies!!!

Tara xx

Renee Dowling said...

Hi Nic,
Snap out of it, your work is not dated nor flat it is you, and I luv it!
(If it makes any difference, I have had rejections for 4 months now, not 1 single LO picked up of my own work that isn't on contract with SM....)and I just saw a massive spread of yours in SC _ awsome work by the way....
Your brilliant and talented Nic, we all love you!
I have left a special award for you on my blog

Lauren said...

Hay Nic,

You know my opinion on subbing, don't stress just enjoy the creative side of it. Scrap just for you and your mojo will bounce.

Maybe keep an art diary for something a little differnt and it might inspire you to create a little different and look at your own style a little different.

Hay if all else fails come in and see me for mornign tea one day.

Hugs, Lauren x

Nic said...

I totally agree that you and your work are awesome!! I am certainly jealous!!!!
The only thing i can suggest that helps me overcome lots of things is - decluttering! Declutter your life - house, clothes, scrap stash - the whole lot! I find that I feel so much better after I do that & feel like starting something new.
I say this.. and I badly need to do it myself at the moment. I can't find the time or energy for scrapping any more :-( But I will take my own advice and hopefully once Drew starts school (in 2 weeks!! :-( then I will get back into it too... big hugs! xx

Tam Harris said...

Hi Nicole,
I ummed and ahhed about leaving a comment as you really don't know me from a bar of soap but I read your blog regularly and admire your work. My Sister is a member of one of the sites that you are on and told me about your work. I just wanted to comment because I really wanted to let you know that your work is great, you have a very defined style and it is clear that you inspire many people and that in itself is something to be proud of. Please don't let rejections from the mags stop you from creating/ take your mojo. It is of course really exciting and validating to have those acceptance emails but when it comes down to it, it really just is one persons ideas, style and taste and choosing to put layouts that "match together" on a page and by no means does it prove that your work is any worse than the ones they choose. Try as much as you can to reflect and think what attracted you to start scrapping in the first place, was it subbing/ publication? It certainly wasn't for me as when I started I was inspired by the mags but didn't even realised that you could submit work. Why not take 6 months off Subbing and see if that makes your mojo return and at the end of that time if you decide to sub again you will have a heap of layouts to sub all at once!. I know that DT work and my preceived expectations of what other people would like and expect had changed my scrapping style a bit and I have now spent a month or so reflecting on what I want my albums to be for my family in the future. I can garantee they are not going to care that I had x amount of layouts published, was a master ET or did artiles for a mag etc or the DT spots or the products I used they will care about the memory and the story that I won't be able to tell them when I am gone. Scrapping for me is a creative outlet too and I love the products, playing with stamps etc, having my time and something that I am ok at doing and I do love getting the acceptance and praise and it truly sucks when the rejection happens hey I would be lying if I said I didn't care about that but in reality it is a hobby and hobbies are supposed to be enjoyable , not stressful and depressing. my advice is reflect go back to the beginning and scrap as a hobby, don't think about all the other stuff, don't worry that all your pages look the same or aren't cutting edge and you will find that it will a fall into place and you will be happier for it.

I hope that helps and that you don't mind me leaving a very long comment and stalking your blog!LOL!!!
Take care and please keep scrapping, your family want you to tell their story.

kind regards,
Tam Harris

SkyeMJ said...

:( just keep scrapping and scrapping and you'll find your groove again! I'm positive!

As for subbing... your work has always inspired me, on here and in magazines! your texture article in SC at the moment is fabulous!
Don't give up - you inspire us!

And don't let the bloody magazines bring you down! All of us know what you're capable of!


Tam Harris said...

Hey Nicole, me again- My sister is Trish, I think it is Scrap Capital that she said you are both members of!


Sar said...

F**k the mags, thats what I say! I've never had a LO published, and to be honest hardly even submit anymore. But that doesn't mean I'm not still part of the fun online scrap world, DT's, forums etc. I love the blogs i read, and yours especially. Your LO's rock and always have, you just keep doing what you're doing, for yourself and for your babies who will treasure their albums in years to come.