Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Photos, Photos and More Photos

Just a big photo share......

We haven't been up to much. Staying home and just chilling out. Did nothing but clean on Australia Day. It was overcast, muggy and showery. Kids have been playing in the mud and sand pit ALOT lately, mostly when it rains though, so I'm not grabbing any photos, don't really want to take the camera in the rain. It does look like it's cleared now, but over the weekend I couldn't keep Luke off here got a little addiction to the weather I think, might come from having an ex-employer who flys planes. LOL.

I'm still coughing, been like this for nearly two weeks now. Getting better, which is good, but I have passed it around, LOL, both Mum and Dad now have the flu too. Hey they can't say I never give them anything. Haven't managed as much scrapping as I'd like too, been too caught up with everything else in life and Dea just doesn't want to sleep. Those teeth are STILL coming, they just keep going away too. I've booked him in for his FOUR month needles next week. Now that's going to be fun, NOT. He is so strong I don't know how I'm going to keep his leg bent up for the nurse to jab him. Other two, well what can I say -------- FIGHTING like Cats and Dogs ------- I've got lots to look forward too in years to come.

Best bit of news, we got a new washing machine. YAY, well not really cost way too much money, but damn she gets the clothes so much cleaner than the twin tub use to. Seriously though, why is it when you manage to get a little bit of cash saved something (or in our case a few somethings) has to break, or need replacing. First was the beaters, they weren't broken but Luke decided to buy me a fancy mix master for Christmas. The Vacuum Cleaner was next, we had an old bag vacuum, which has lost heaps of suction and also it was getting hard to find a shop that stocked the bags, now we are the proud owners of a DYSON. The last thing was the forementioned washing machine. Old twin tub just wouldn't spin or drain water one day, just like that poof, no more. So all our savings have now turned into spendings. BLAH. If things keep up this way we'll never get ahead.

This is about all my tired brain can think of at the moment. I'll leave you with the pics, starting with........

The Washing Machine. :-)

A cute pic of Charlotte

Mr Dea

Would you believe that just after I moved the camera from taking this photo, Deacon rolled over. Damn that would of been good to capture.

He thinks the bubble wand is for eating.

Zac tries really hard.

Can't believe I caught a bubble before it flew away

My Dad and Deacon

Yep he is Designed and Made in Australia. LOL

This was in front of my parents house on Saturday, we managed 87mm (3.5 inches) of rain in that one storm. Not enough, but still nice.

Daddy and littest boy.

Dea having a chew on his hand

Mr Zac getting in the shot - AGAIN.

Now that's about all for the moment. I should really be scrapping, have some deadlines that I need to meet, but nope I was chatting instead, oh and updating here. LOL

Hope your Wednesday will be kind to you.



Belinda Venables said...

Love the new washing machine - Lucky girl! I really need a new one one day. I guess the only way I'll get one is when mine totally blows up! lol.

I can not get over how big Dea is now. And talk about 'angry eyes' in those

Love the ones of the kids bowing bubbles too. Very cute!

Hope you have a good day today.


Nic said...

Gorgeous pics Nic... as always! Great new washing machine too - I LOVE my front loader! And I also got a fancy mix master from me hubby, for our last anniversary.. do you think they might want some goodies baked in return???
Praying for more rain for all of us... we've had bugger all!!!
Take care. xx

Tara said...

Hey Nic, It's great to see some pics from you... Dea looks soooo big now, heaps bigger than Zayne, do you know how much he weighs now?

We had to get a new washing machine not long ago too, just one of them things you can't live without. I got a top loader though, I think a front loader would do my back in :-(... (BTW can't beieve you have been using a twin tub!!! I had one of them for about 6 months when I first moved out and HATED it).

The bubble pics are great too, Your little ones are sooo cute!! LOL i know what you mean about the fighting too, and once they start they NEVER stop..

Felicity said...

Great pics of the kids!!! Glad your feeling better!!
Love your creations!!!
BTW thanks for the lovely comment of my blog.
felicity x