Wednesday, 10 December 2008


Well since I didn't get anything in the mag, I can show it all :)


Is all interactable, the door opens, the windows open, the flowers pull up with quotes, there is flaps on the tree, the roof folds down with journalling, and the whole house folds out with more photos








Thought I'd push the boundaries a little and I created a vertical board game, all the cards have my Hopes, wishes and dreams on them, and also under all the photos there are more.




My Keepsake - YOU MAKE ME SOAR
As you could guess it's for Luke, scratch built plane which I love, the top wing lifts up to reveal the mini album inside.




Mini Album



All based around a paper towel holder/dispenser, the pages are made out of water colour dyed paper towel, and off the sides there are two hangers one for groceries and the other for bills






So that was my hard work. I love it all, took a long time to do and I'm totally proud of my effort.

Can't wait to see the projects that the new MASTER'S have created.

So what do you all think???

Edited to add if you want to see the pics better just click on them. :)


Tara said...

OMG these are fantastic Nic..... It looks like you put so much effort into them all, you should definately be proud of them!!

Such a shame that we wont be seeing these in the mag!! :-(

Tracy Firth said...

Nic these are totally , incredibly, brilliant,. You are such an inspiration and so unique. The hard work you put into these just shines through. Pooh to them.

jazsutra said...

I don't usually squel.But i squelled at yr work especially the plane u did! ure truly inspiring ;) -jaz

Gizmo said...

Wowsers Nicole!
That is really amazing work, you really put your heart into it:)
I'm Completely gobsmacked you won't be featured in the magazine.

SkyeMJ said...

Man, i thought you had it in the bag! You were right at the top of my list with Binx!

Your work is amazing!
Especially LOVE the plane! So unique!


Sar said...

Oh Nic, I just love everything you've done. You'll always be a master to me, my dear. Still in shock you're not there....I don't know what they're thinking....

Luv Sar

Lauren said...

cant believe you are not in the mag Nic, they are all unreal!

Louise said...

Im in disbelief mate!

You should be proud and happy they are Fabulous!


Lisa said...

those projects are amazing! i cant beleive they didn't pick any of them!!

Amanda said...

Your entries are amazing! So original & well done! I think you should have been a Master...

Alice said...

wow Nic these are amazing!!!

That calender is so unique and creative!!!

Renee said...

These are just amazing. Well done!! I am suprised they aren't featured in the mag.


Michelle W said...

I am stunned !
Your work is fabulous Nicole !
I don't understand it !

Congrats on 4 beautiful pieces of work though.


Nic said...

What do I think... ??? WHOLLY MOLLY!!! You amaze me... every single item there is beyond unreal! You are SO talented Nic... if those didn't make the mag then I'm gonna be amazed by what did! On top of having littlies I have NO idea how you have time to think let alone create such masterpieces... very jealous I am!! hehe... beautiful, beautiful beautiful!! xx

Anonymous said...

WHAT?! NONE of this entry made the mag? Are you kidding me?! You have GOT to be KIDDING me?! All of these four pieces are so detailed and intricate, appealing design and not to mention incredibly FUNKY! Awesome entry Nicole. I love each piece to bits! Especially that tree on your single layout. Seriously I am in shock here...

Anonymous said...

And that would be me. Whoops.
See what shock can make you do?!

Anonymous said...

I don't normally leave comments on blogs but... There must be somthing odd going on for them not to pick any of those amazing bits of work. I hope that they have somthing else in mind because that was an amazing entry.

Anthea said...

totally amazing Nic!

Ruthy said...

Wow Nicole that is a whole heck lot of work and detail gone into your entry, I think the plane was something different too- good on ya for that!thanks for sharing cause your entry rocks!!! (and thanks for your kinds words via my blog too) We know everyone puts heart and soul into these comps!
Cheers to you
Love ruthy x

Kathleen said...

Stunning stunning stunning - absolutely gobsmacked as to why you werent picked!! So incredibly original, honestly, just amazing work Nic...


jodie said...

white it doesnt suprise me in the slightest that sm went (majoritly safe, bar maybe one or two scrappers)
i cant belive you didnt get in there.

your pieces are amazing, and that plane is genius, and you know me i dont suck up to people for the sake of it, i mean what i say and your pieces are freaking amazing!!

hmm but yeah fair to say im not a fan of the old sm, so it aint no suprise they got it wrong by overlooking you.
at least they chose a couple good girls right? restores a tiny bit of faith.

you rock nic, always loved ya mate!

countryscrapper - aka - Helen said...

These are totally gorgeous, such clever creations and you SHOULD be proud of yourself despite not being named a Master. There are plenty of fellow scrappers who admire you and your work.
And if you check out my blog there's an award there for you ;)

Sue said...

Nic, I think your entries are totally awesome. Be proud of yourself and your creations.
I am sure none of us can understand why you were 'overlooked'.

Giovanna said...

Fantastic work Nicole. Congratulations on all that effort. Especially love the paper towel calendar. Pure genius!!!!

Renee Dowling said...

Hi Nic,
These projects are awsome, where did you find the time?? my gosh all the detail and work you have put into them, I would be proud too, just gorgeous, I luv your Calander..I'm sure it was a mistake that you are not in there, no actually I'm positive it was a mistake!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nic, what lovely friends you have and such beautiful supportive comments. I don't want to sound like a broken record, but your projects truly are in a class of their own. The colour, the fun, the sentiment, attention to detail, the vibrancy...... you continue to inspire me everyday, Tiff :o) PS hope the cherubs are all doing well.

Steph Devlin said...

Nic, hey there, I just happened to stumble across your blog from Scrapwitch's....
Your projects are really gorgeous, I know a close friend who went for the Masters and didn't get in,.... and her stuff is stunning too. Im very interested to see the work of the Masters if this is the standard that they rejected. !!
Im so glad you are proud of what you have done, its beautiful, unique and original. Congratulations girl, you kicked butt!!!!!!
Steph xo

Binxcat1 said...

I know I have said it before... but seriously, YOU ROCK... you were robbed I tell ya! ROBBED! Love, love, love your house and yes (whoever said it b4 me)... the TREE is my totally, absolute favourite part.

phatassphairy said...

nic great efforts ...and i am sad not to see you in the mag ...hun all of what has been said above is so true and at the end of the day you scrap for you well done you ...mwhoa

Anonymous said...

OMG........I still can't believe you didn't make it into the Mag with some of this fantastic work! I'm totally blown away by your awesome ideas and method in these entries Nic. "I'm still a fan" xxx I was rather sad to see you didn't make it xx :( grrrrrrrrr :(

Moi said...

Hi Nicole, Just wanted to say how much I love your entries and it is a scandal you weren't published ... these are all fantastic, I think they are all my favourites of your work. Love the colours you have used. Beautifully done. You're already a Master!!! Moi from the Boxx

Anonymous said...

WOW Nic your Masters entries are truly stunning! I can quite clearly see all the effort you have put into your creations. They are amazing and innovative. Well done!!