Thursday, 2 October 2008

Nothing, nadda and some other news

No sign of bubba yet. :-(
Am having another appointment tomorrow, and seeing as the hospital doesn't think I'm due until Sudnay anyway they will let me go until the 15th October. blah. Bub is really quiet, but keeps popping back up high in the past couple of days. Had some pains the other night but that didn't come to anything. Oh well, you'll all know when it happens.
Poor little Char is as sick as a dog at the moment, has been vomiting every 15 minutes since she got out of bed this morning. CAN'T keep anything down, won't eat or drink. Makes me feel so useless when the kids are sick. She just had a 30min kip on the lounge was hoping that it might of been longer but Zac woke her up. Typical of brothers hey???
And for some even 'better' news. We just found out last week that my Pa (my Dad's Father) has got bone cancer, in his spine and hips. He was tested for prostate cancer last year but just didn't go back for follow up appointments. Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done about it and the doctors have given him a time frame of months. Really what does that mean, he won't be here for Christmas or he could still be here for Christmas next year. Hardest part is trying to tell Charlotte that PaPa is really really sick, tried to explain to her this morning and she just kept saying but PaPa went to the doctor and they made him all better. Makes you think and wonder about life when you get things thrown at you like this.
And I've not been feeling very creative either. Have two CJ's on my bench half finished, one needs more paint, have to wonder who's that is LOL.
So that's been our life this past week.
Oh and the kids decided that my mobile phone was fit for swimming. LOL. After doing a panic attack and emailing everyone I know for their contact numbers to put into Luke's phone, I left mine in the sun for the past two days and luckily the 30+degree sun up here at the moment is doing it's job. It seems to be working again. Will send messages and I can ring out so I'm hoping that it doesn't die on me before bubba comes.
Best go, Char's really not well, and I've had to 'attend' to her twice in just this short post.
Take care peoples


SkyeMJ said...

Oh no, I guessed today!
Oh well, still 11 hours to go! I might be right yet!
Hope you're travelling well!
Good luck with Char - poor tike!

Belinda Venables said...

Sorry to hear about your Pa Nic - I just got your email... :( So so sad. My uncle just got diagnosed with prostate cancer and has just come back from an operation this week. Just waiting to see if it's spread... :(

I hope that Miss C gets better soon - poor little mite. I hope you don't go into labour while she's still sick - that could be a

Thinking of you my friend. I'll be sitting on my phone waiting for that message...hehe!


Tara said...

No sign for me either Nic... I must say its been one of the longest weeks too... My due date is today though..

Sorry to hear about your Pa.. And about Charlotte being sick, what a horrible time for it (not that there is ever a good time).. I just hope you dont catch whatever she has before you go into labour...

Hope things look up for you soon and good luck :-)

TatumW said...

big hugs sweetness....what a rough week! been thinking of you sending baby vibes :) Hope that Miss Charlotte is better ASAP and that you get some very much needed rest before labour kicks in! Tatum xx

Kathleen said...

Oh no, so sorry sweet, what a cruddy time you're having atm. Sorry to hear about poor Char, and your Pa - cant imagine how difficult it must be to deal with at a time when you're supposed to be so happy!

Thinking of you and sending good vibes :)


Jill Geraghty-Groves said...

((hugs)) my darling! You poor wee thing - wish I was up there to hug you in person (but not too tightly or you might pop!). Dreadful new about your Pa. Hang in there my friend!

Wendy Smith said...

best of luck Nicole...hope things start happening soon for you

Tracy Firth said...

Oh mate you poor thing- 'overdue' and a sick kidlet. feel for you sweet!!! Good luck and may this little bundle show 'his' face soon for you. Sorry to hear about your pa darling its sad news for sure. It is difficult to explain to littlies - we lost our aunt a couple months back and the girls dont really understand. hugs to you

Leanne said...

Sorry to hears this news Nic. I hope you are able to get on top of things before your new bundle arrives.

My thoughts are with you.