Thursday, 10 July 2008

Today's Belly

We had such a cold day here, woke up to 3 Degree temperatures and even at 10am it was still only 5. BRRRRRRRRR. Day's like this were I wish I could stay in bed.
My Dad had about half an inch of ice on his windscreen.
We're getting ready for Charlotte's birthday on Saturday, can't believe she's going to be THREE.
Computer and my email are playing up so I think I might just put my upcoming class pics in here aswell
If you in the Rocky area on the 26th July your welcome to come along to my first class. Just contact Scrap n Scrap (see link --------->>>>>>>)
First Page
Second Page
Well that's about all.
Got my next anti natal appointment tomorrow, glucose test and my first Anti-D injection, yucko.


Rachael said...

whoa, what a belly shot - I love it. Good luck with those injections - double yuck! Love the sneeks too babe.
Rest up xoxo

Belinda Venables said...

Brrrr - cold!!!

Love your belly - so cute!

Sneak peeks look fab - might have to fly up there for your class...pmsl...I wish! ;)


Petrina McDonald said...

Good luck with all your tests - erk...glad it is not me!!!

Those sneak peeks look unreal - can I convince the family we need a 3 hr drive???

Anonymous said...

Love the belly shot you are growing very fast.Good luck with the needles. Love the sneak peek photo's would love to do a lesson,it's just a little out of my way.LOL

jules said...

anonymoue is me I forget what bow to check when I post my comment sorry LOL

Tam said...

Hi Nicole...I would love to do your class...but are a little out of my! But the sneak peaks look awesome!
Loving the belly shots, almost makes me clucky....haha

Jaimie R said...

What a GREAT way to get a GREAT belly shot Nic! Getting bigger.. Don;t think about the needles, just the reason for them :) LOVE your work btw!!

jess said...

Love the bump photo, especially with little Zac looking so CUTE in the background!!!
Good luck with the Glucose test! Yucky!!

Nic said...

Hey Nic, the sneaks do make that class look like fun!!! I am planning on coming, as long as Kody is in routine that day and can do without Mummy for a few hours.. would love to support your first lesson!
Your belly is looking nice and round in that pic :-) I do miss the pregnancy stuff actually.. xx

Wendy said...

Awesome close-ups