Monday, 21 April 2008

Family and Piccie Update

Just playing stupid with my Camera. Really really thinking of saving for a 40D now. After looking at how good it is, I think it'll be worth while. AND I might be able to get a good deal, Hey Ali ;-)

Clowns at the Harbour Festival

Char playing with the Clowns

Can't go anywhere without having to have hot chips

Spunky Monkey
The Tea cup ride
Saucy Face
Fairy floss just hanging around
All these awesome hammers.

Char riding the horses
In the boat and swan ride, which neither of them wanted to get off.

Pretty self explanatory

Just some atmosphere
Boys and their boots. plus the other 8 pairs that I couldn't get off.
Serious face
Garden boy
No Mummy don't take my photo

They just have to be the same
Good old Chevy
ADORE this photo

We had Easter, went to the Harbour Festival in Gladstone which was great, awesome atmosphere, kids had an absolute ball and I got these brilliant lollies. Right now I'm craving for sour peach hearts from Target. So if anyone can get some I'd love you forever. Couldn't find them on Saturday. Anyway back to the stuff.
On Easter Monday we did the whole beach drive, was great no photo's though, wanted to play with the kids not try and capture them, the water was awfully choppy and scared the pants off Char and Zac so they didn't want to get too close.
Had my Brithday, big ol' 25 now. Shite I'm getting old. hahaha. Also on that day I had my first Anti-natal appointment, went well, heard bubs heart beat and Jenny (my midwife) told me that I don't have to worry about my size, all you girls that have seen me should know that one, for currently 16 weeks, I think I'm pretty big. And High too. Had our Wedding Anniversary the next day which was cool. Four Years. Gone so fast. We went out to Hogs Breath the weekend before my birthday and had the hugest hugest Ice Cream Sundae, my bro took pics so I'll have to get them off him. But Luke and I did well and cleaned it up.
Kids are doing great, Zac just loves being able to move around now, is starting to run and loves being chased around the yard. Charlotte is really into Rhymes and will continusly repeat Twinkle, twinkle little star; mary had a little lamb, this little pig, baa baa black sheep. And about 50 others that right now I can't remember.
Better go, will be back to update with Retreat pics soon

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Great pics babe!!

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