Monday, 21 April 2008

Embellished Retreat.

Maz getting Air

It looked like so much fun. Wish I could of went on too.

Kirsty really bouncing
Oh what a feeling it's Marni......

Girls all trying to jump together. Kirsty was getting some HUGE air.
Helen being a star.

Gorgeous Felicity, was great to meet you chick
Embellished designers.
The two GORGEOUS Marni(e)'s
Me and Marnie S (aka Maz) Totally awesome chicky, so sweet and genuine, bubby, funny and really really talented. Also taught the awesome Technique Class.
Me and Marni T, OMG this is one of the most funniest chicky's, loved meeting Marni, and gosh girl your work is soooooo inspiring and DEVINE.
Marni T, Me and Felicity
The totally quirky Kelly Slattery, babe you are seriously cool, loved meeting you. And your awesome clothes. and family. Funny funny, awesome girl, also with some serious talent.
Marni and Kirsty
Beautiful, gorgeous and oh so generous Embellished girls Ang and Ali. You girls rock and put on the most AWESOME RETREAT. Thanks xxxxx
Click caught you too.

OMG, had the most best, incredible time. FOUR brilliant classes taught by the most talented chickys, meeting so many gorgeous people, and making new friends.

Think I got about 5 pages finished plus 3 mini albums, that's including the classes. lol. I'm not that productive.

Will have to do a share when I get time to photograph my work.

Still a little tired, went to bed about 12ish friday night and hardly slept, horrid single beds. but the big down fall for me is the realllllly early night we had on Sunday, what was it girls 4 am. And then turned around and got back out at 6.30am but atleast I slept. Pretty impressed did nearly 24hrs and am preggers. thought that was a feat in itself.

All in all, had an absolute blast and waiting for next year, although I might have a 6 month old babe hanging off me. Think I might have to pay for the whole family to come, Luke can play on the jumping pillow with the grubs.

Thanks Girls



Ali said...

Hi Nic,
Thanks for the great weekend!! Looking forward to catching up for some scrapping soon!!
Give me a yellwhen we can do some pregnancy shots, cannot wait!
Chat soon
Ali x

Michelle Jamieson said... girls look like you had a fab time!! Isn't Maz cool?

Glad you had a great time, and got heaps done, by the sounds! Looking forward to seeing those!

Chelle Xx

miasmummy said...

Pics are great!! I'm jealous BIG TIME!! Maybe next year! xx

MarniT said...

tfs the pics you so need to e-mail me some of them.

It was awesome meeting you too nice to put a face to the name