Friday, 7 September 2007

Photo #54

This is one of my favourite things, I can touch me nose with my tongue.
I know not many others can
so I'm special



Terri H said...

ROFLMFAO you dag! Love it!

Jodie said...

haha lucky you!!
i cant do that, my mum can tho.
im impressed!!



Carole Janson said...

Well Nicole that is something that I can't do, love the photo LOL !! Like to see that scrapped.

Carole xx

Lali said...

Now that is a photo I want to see scrapped LOL and on the cover of SM LOL.

Lisa said...

lol!! you rock

Beth said...

LOL! I cant! I have the smallest tongue possible! (seriously!)

Tara said...

LOL.... This is a cool pic, I'm sure everyone that has seen it has tried touching their nose with their tongue. I did and I KNOW I can't!!!!