Thursday, 6 September 2007

Photo #53 and look at Charlottes mess!!!!

So we did a big clean up off Miss C's room today, this isn't even all the STUFF that came out, threw out two garbage bags full of rubbish and broken things and cruddy toys from Macca's. Should have taken a before and after photo aswell, cause her room looks so much better.
You think i have a spoilt child????? Now when we buy our own place I think it's got to be a five bedder, just so they can have a toy room.
Ahhh the fun of childer beasts.


Tara said...

WOW!!! Looks like fun in there.... LOL

Sar said...

Hey Nic!

Thanks heaps for visiting my blog, I've added you to my lurk list! ;)

Funny hey, how similar you can be to someone you don't even know...

TOTALLY understand the toy thing, my kids are spoilt rotten and we just did the cleanout thing after Cooper's birthday last week.

Love your challenges blog too!


scrapbook CAPITAL said...

Ohhhh, i dread looking at this photo Nic cos I am in the process of buying a new bed for Blaine, and 1 thing I have to do is to do my yearly through of crap from his room. How do they get so much stuff??
Oh and thanks for popping over to the forum, I am so excited to have you there. Thanks and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Jodie said...

LOL spoilt much!!!!
aw u threw out maccas toys, there betta not have been hello kitty in there :P as if u throw out out hk ehe.
my cats have a garbage bag full of toys, i never realised how many till we had to pack our stuf and well i still am yet to take em outa the bag, but a ton of maccas toysare in there lol.

check out ur plasma jelous.
im livin in a house of a 51cm tv :(
my parents have a huge mega plasma w hen i visited it was like watching new tv shows!!! lol

anyway ill be going

Mika said...

Woh what a mess love the pic, Mika

Lali said...

Oh Nic our poor children are so deprived of toys aren't they NOT LOL.

Great photo girl

Terri H said...

Nic how can you deprive thsoe gorgeous children? LMAO I am glad to see my kids are not the only ones with too many toys & not enough hours to play with them.

Love that eyes pics chicky!