Thursday, 27 September 2007

My oh My Zac is Nine Months Old

How time fly's

Cannot believe that he is this old already.

Doesn't want to crawl, moves around on his bottom, now has four teeth, not interested in walking, loves to watch HI-5 with Charlotte, gets very excited and waves to the TV.
Loves waving, and clapping, says Mum, Dad, Nan and Pa, my dad reckons that he says Dog too, but I don't know. It such a happy little man compared to when he was a baby.

Loves all food, but we have cut out all dairy from his diet as he has bad dry, flaky skin; which seems to have helpped. I was the same, so off to look for Rice or Soy milk for him now. And finally, finally he has a sleep during the day, usually an hour to an hour and a half. Extremely envious of these people who's kids sleep, mine don't.......... too active and wanting to be involved in everything.

Anyway that is all on Zac's

Big one about Charlotte, she decided that she was going to see my mum today and wanted to ride her bike, yep straight down the stairs, busted her mouth up. I thought that she might have knocked a tooth out, but luckly just alot of blood. Silly possum, hasn't fazed her with her bike though, jumpped back on it as soon as I brought it back in the house.



miasmummy said...

Hi Nic, thanks for the comment on my blog! With the HOT LAMINATOR, I didn't get any bubbles or anything, just in some places it looked like it didn't laminate properly IYKWIM? I think next time I will use a little bit of pp and maybe a little bit of journalling too! Did you see Ngaire's on her blog! xxx

jilly said...

What a cheeky little monkey - he just gorgeous!

Lauren said...

Hay Nic,

I hop little miss C is ok, and Zac looks sooo.... cute!!

Have a great weekend!!

scrapbook CAPITAL said...

isnt it beautiful the way you can reflect what your child can do in such a short time... best age i think, oh and poor Charlotte, been there recently with Blaine Nic so I know what you went through.
Blaine is 4.8 and he still naps during the day... sorry....