Saturday, 4 August 2007

Photo's #20, 21 and 22

Bit blurry, but they were taken in the car, while trying out Luke's new camera

Yep he spent all my money, so much for me getting a new one, will be saving up for a while longer now. He just got a little point and shoot, but it's 7.3 megapixels, and seems to take pretty decent pix. Just went in to Harvey Normans for some batteries for my camera, which is now going again, so happy about that.

We went up to Rocky today, went to the Swap and I very stupidly got sun burnt, would take a photo of it but seriously annoyed at myself for letting it happen. Not much at the swap, just alot of garage sale stuff, mostly S**T. got another photo frame, and picture, and saw some really cool bags, but they wouldn't knock down their price on them so they stayed. Also JODIE picked up a little something for you, it is just a LITTLE something too, so don't get too excited, let me know your addy, and you will have it next week.
We met up with some friends that moved away at the begining of last year. So crazy, just walking along, and saw them, didn't feel like it had been over 18 months, just felt like we saw them last week. Mad how much has changed, first time we saw their little girl and it was the first time that they had seen Zac. Nothing has changed though, same old same old.
Just wish I could get my voice back and stop coughing, that's all of this flu I've got now. Still feel very sleepy, but hey that's just pretty normal for me.
On the up side, I've been scrapping, think I'm up to 5 pages since Thursday, got three done tonight so far. will photo and upload tomorrow. Biggest thing is that I actually got my Embellished Idol page finished, it's different, and the photo's printed out too dark.
Anyway enough from me. Will be back


Jodie said...

hi nic.
these photos are adorable, you look so happy in them, and like ur getting better :)
very beautiful.
sounds like u had a good day and im excited now cos i got a suprise. u didnt have to though geez!!!!!
thanks anyway
send it in a few weeks tho not yet,so i get it on my bday haha so i get a suprise!! :P


Jodie said...

by the way, cool abut the new camera!!!!
im geting my new replacement next week oh im so friggen excited i MISS IT.

goodluck in embellished, i dropped out lol.

and hey where is some work from u annnd luke i wanna see :D


scrapwitch said...

you just dont smile enough nic...these photos are totally gorgeous....
so lets see those pearly white some more

love love love these pics