Sunday, 19 August 2007

Photo #36

Seeing as I'm a fool and still mucking around at 1.14am I thought I'd upload
saves getting back on later.

Here's Mr Pototo Man,
Luke made him tonight,
actually just one potato
just added the arms, legs and eyes

This is my pile of pages I had to put away tonight
did a count up and so far this year I have completed
102 - single
7 - doubles
1 - 12x6
6 - 8x8
30 - OTP's
quite impressed with myself.
thanks for stopping by


Terri H said...

Loving the Potato Man LOL. Glad I am not the only night owl still awake & fiddling around at 1am. Though it is almost 2am & I am still here :|

I should tally up my LO's for the day!

Chat soon hunny!

Lisa said...

what are OTP's?? and WOW congrats on all that hard work!! you sure have been busy!!

Jodie said...

haha tell luke i LOVE the potato man!
what a weird shape.
he needs a name, call him spuds :) haha

lovin ur piccys i gotta start this challenge, i shall start monday (when broadbands back) yay

Lisa said...

ohhhh off the page! haha! i dunno what i call them actually....never altered anything...but yeah, thanks for letting me know! :)

Donna said...

Gosh girl, you have been busy. I scrolled down the page and was just so overcome with your talent - I want to go back now and look closely at all your gorgeous detail! Hey - can you email me or PM at the forum and let me know how you group 4 photos together on your blog? Ta Nic and thanks for all the inspiration!

Alice said...

wow i love your blog!! was blog hopping and ended up here lol. I am like you...have a huge pile of layouts which need to be filed away..although unlike you i havent goten around to doing it yet lol!!! great work!

Beth said...

Whoa! You have scrapped HEAPS this year!!! I would be impressed with that tally aswell!

scrapwitch said...

hehehe love the potatoe nic guys are crazy

Tara said...

OMG way to go Nicole!! That is so many Lo's for 8 months... I dont think I would have done half that many!!