Tuesday, 14 August 2007

photo #32 and page

Well, I don't ever wear my wedding or engagement rings at home.
Don't know why, just a THING.
but then I never wear any jewellery at home
So that is just one of my crazy things about me

My crazy page.
Just had to do it,
just had to be messy,
just had to have some poly filla
and some electrical tape
and screwed up cs
and messy machine stitching
and paint, ahhh love that paint.
love looking around the house for *new* scrapable items

All the messy machine stitching

Just love this little pin on button

See my button flower

and that poly filla


scrapwitch said...

great layout nic...that poly filler is fabbo babe..
there is so much detail i love it ..great work keeping with the challenge

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole love you layout very creative, great poly filling LOL !! looks amazing.

I love your Baby Blue layout in the previous post just gorgeous.

Carole xx