Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Photo #26

Here we are

with my bad habit.

Have always chewed my nails

I know, I know gross

but I've always done it

when I'm thinking or doing nothing

Well I'm feeding Zac in this photo

but you get what I mean

On other news,

voting has now started for Embellished Idol

OMG, so hard there is sooooo many gorgeous pages

Still think that I'm going to get knocked out Round One

but hey I tried.
Charlotte's getting more and more clever,
more crazy and mischievious (sp) too though.
but she has her favourite book at my Mum's place
and she can now read it to us
instead of us reading it to her.
I think that's pretty good for a two year old.


Jodie said...

what a beautiful photo :)
cept naught u biting ur nails!!

goodluck in embellished, i voted for you because i loved your page, alot of them were t he same and boring, and yeah need more awesome scrappers who think outside the square, like you!!
i didnt do it cos i didnt have alot of time, stuf was packed away and well i couldnt be bothered knew id bomb out first go LOL

anyway GOODLUCK !!!


scrapwitch said...

you'll do fab babe...positive thinking now!