Thursday, 7 June 2007

Still Raining!!!

Well it's been raining here since Sunday, off and on though. We've probably had about 4 inches

Did a Cyber Crop at Embellished over the weekend. Will have to upload some photos later.

Been doing some secret scrapping. Decided to give the Masters and Awards for Excellence a go. Wasn't going to and then I just thought STUFF IT, can't hurt and I'll just get a few more projects completed this year.

Luke has now got all his tickets, so good, very very proud of him.

The kids are cheeky.

And thank God actually sleeping.

It's tooooooo bloody cold, I hate winter

The Air Show has been cancelled due to the rain, bugger cause I wanted to get some photos of the planes.

Not much else to say,

Going to be in REAL PEOPLE REAL STORIES for SM, don't know when but I sent a page away today.

Still waiting for my Love, Elsie to arrive. Hopefully tomorrow.

Oh well going to bed need an early one, once in a while.

Peace out and take care peeps



Anonymous said...

ohhh look at your lovely layouts... love the bottome one because it is just a tad different.. love the firework photos and how you have allowed them to shine... xx

scrapwitch said...

i just looooove that book nicole
great work