Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Just a Page

Just a little something I put together last night.

Love this photo of my boys. Just sitting back in front of the TV chilling.

Most likely they were watching racing, of the car variety.

Not much has been happening.

Had a cold, stayed at home, got one huge arse phone bill that needs to be paid tomorrow.
Need some more food in this house Zac's just eating everything he can get his hands wrapped around.

Charlotte's great, speaking so much, getting alot clearer now too which is fantastic. She's finally putting on some weight, now shes at 10.8kg and she's getting taller, can't measure her, won't stay still long enough. After being so little for so long, it's fantastic to see her growing.
Zac's getting so much bigger, now weighs in at 8.2kg only 300grams lighter than Charlotte was at 12 months, and he's 68cm long. Loves to up and sitting, and loves to roll around now too. So he'll probably slow down in the weight gaining.

We have a busy couple of months coming up. Well more so weekends, all started last weekend, Luke went up the coast for a car show, put the trusty old Gem in, think they had about 10 Gemini's turn up, so good turn out for around here. They were over 200 bikes and cars at the show and people had to be turned away because of room shortage.

Luke's (hopefully) getting his tickets this weekend, then it's off to find a better more enjoyable job for him, not unless the company he works for can give him a substantial pay rise.

Then the weekend following we are going to the AIR SHOW just up the road, only killer about this is the entry fee $20, I can remember when it was just a gold coin donation. I only want to go and get some great photo's. Luke just wants the planes.

After that we have a Wedding in Rocky and then the local show. So a few weekends the camera is going to get a huge work-out, so many photo's to be taken and that in turn will make so many pages to create.

Went through a stage last week not knowing if I still felt like scrapping, I was in that state of mind I was ready to pack all my stash up and send it to mum's house. Just didn't feel like creating, wasn't enjoying it, wasn't enjoying what I was making. Everything was just blah.
Thank God that's past now.

Best be off, Zac's hungry AGAIN. Gnawing on a toy. Poor hungry mite he is.



miss~nance said...

Fabulous LO Nicole, love the strong colours.

Anonymous said...

Loving your layout Nicole xx and glad the mojo found you again... enjoy your weekends xx