Friday, 22 June 2007

Photo Swap and Show news

Just a page I did for a photo swap.

I know el-crapo photo, but it's just so overcast and yuck you can't get a good one.

We're off to the show tomorrow, hopefully the weather is a bit nicer then it has been.

I've entered some photos and scrapping so *cross fingers* I might come out with something, although going off what won with the scrapbooking last year, fat chance, all very Creative Memories. Well actually it was Creative Memories stuff, I know who won and that's what she scraps, even sells it. No offence to anyone who does this but I like a bit more of an arty look.

Between me and Luke I think we entered about 50 something photos, so we better pick up something.

Charlotte has her two photo's in aswell, which I got accussed of taking. Oh Doh!!! how hard is it to use a digi camera. :)

Now I have to go and charge the batteries and delete all the photos, before I forget.
Gotta go and do some work,
have so many ideas floating in my head at the moment
best put them down.
Need to get some Master's done too.

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Anonymous said...

loveing this Layout Nic... xx Beautiful xx