Friday, 15 June 2007

Been Tagged by the lovely Lisa aka Witchy aka Scrapwitch

Name three things that scare you... my kids dying, never being able to afford a place of our own and to match that having to take out a huge loan to get that place.

The daggiest thing in your music collection...ABBA Gold, didn't buy it I won it.

Your three favourite clothing items... Jeans that are nearly fitting again (so long post pregnancy tummy), DM's and my red trench which I picked up for $10.

Your partners most annoying habit... not knowing that he has to say money, damn can't he drive past the shop without calling in and buying something.

What stresses you out... kids not sleeping, no me time,

If I could change the world I would... make housing affordable for all, lower interest rates and make fuel back to under a $1 a litre. Let everyone have medical and educational access.

Your favourite household chore…Cooking then probably washing, love the smell of clean clothes. And I have a twin tub so it's all in.

If you had fifty bucks to spend at Target which section would you head straight for… clothes, need more since I'm nearly back to normal. Then some nice smelly products.

In my next life I would like to come back as… a dolphin, at least I'd be able to swim properly

Your least favourite celebrity… all those blonde haired bimbo's over in hollywood, paris hilton, britney spears, lindsey lohan, get away with too much, although Paris is paying for it now. After that Tom Cruise, he lost me when he started bagging out Brooke Shields over anti-depressants.

Tagged Jodie, Cass, and Alice


Alice said...

yay thanks for the tag Nicole :) Love your blog!

Micaela said...

Hi Nicole,
Just went to my very neglected blog and found a comment from you! Thanks for the congrats!

So glad I've found your blog...I really should get back into it I guess!

Mickey xx

scrapwitch said...

lovin those answers..i hate tom cruise also....i'm stoked our Nicole is rid of him..where ya been babe.thanks for your comments on my blog babe.. get you paints out and lets see some colour..................................waiting to see your latest !

nikkihelen said...

I hat those blonde girls too, and Tom Cruise!!!! He lost me when he did the jump on the couch thing!!

Karen L said...

Loving your answers also. you seem to dislike the same celebrities that I find hard to tolerate.