Monday, 16 May 2011

more creations :)

Owl #1
10x10 cm

 Owl #2
10x10 cm

Commissioned Piece

There is no such thing as an Unsuccessful Moment

Home is where the Heart is
Commissioned Piece

Find the Peace in the Simple things

Well that's my share for the time being.

Lukes at work and I have a few more canvases on the go ;)

Remember if anything interests you feel free to contact me through my Facebook Page Elocin Designs or email me I LOVE commissions and working with what YOU would like



Stacey Young said...

Gorgeous art cute are those itty bitty owls....I just made a owl canvas for bubbas room too, going for a bit of an owl theme in there, I can't get enough of them....hope you are well xo

Jules said...

woweeee nic... you've taken to your new craft like a duck to water!! so pleased you have found a new outlet for that enormous bucket load of talent of yours.. awesome stuff sweets! xx

Ceci said...

Oh wow you are just so clever Nic, it's always lovely to see what you have created. :)

Tanya Tahir said...

awww I love love love the owls!!! :)

sandi said...

Wow! Love all of these!