Monday, 2 May 2011

A little bit of He{art}

Yep I've been getting my canvas groove on :D
She Art is definitely inspiring me :)

Way too much fun, loving it so much and definitely quick and easy ;)

Gone a little housey at the moment and have three done so far. They are all a little the same but hey that's cool, it's mine. Although I'm running out of room to store them. Maybe I might have to sell??? Anyone want to buy something??? ;)

Home is where the He{art} is - I really really really love this one. Think its the off centre, mish mash of colours and the Prima tree stamp. I've found I always need black, really seems to ground everything in place.


The He{art} of the Home - At first I was aghhhhhh over this because I stuffed up and put black around the house now I'm quite liking the murky, messy feel of it. Makes it a little darker than I would have liked but it suits that crazy bright background.

Oh and this is just a wee little peak of something I've been working on ;) can't show it yet as it's for a commitment I made last month. Now to get the blasted video to work *eye roll* so keep your eye's pealed for a video of me creating this piece here.

I do still have a few canvases that are half completed from yesterdays Crafting for Cancer, what a fantastic day that was. The girls organised such fun and fabulous food, I'm always thinking with my stomach ;) They raised about $600 I think it was not bad going, for a day of fun, laughter, creating and PLENTY of chat. They had an auction with fabulous pieces donated by some of the best creative people in Australia and I was lucky enough to win the BEST frame by Anthea :) and my piece I donanted sold for $36 (OMG) here I was saying to Luke I'd be happy if someone brought it for $2 ;)

Ok well I'm off to try and fix this crazy video editor. I need something good.... suggestions???



Jen said...

Love them all, just beautiful. You would sell them without a problem :D

Susan said...

Love the canvases!!!

runzalot81 said...

Love looking at this!

Felicity said...

nic, nic, NIC!!! YOU are TOTALLY utterly INSPIRING.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those canvas - can you tell. lol

Melinda said...

So inspiring Nic! You are just AMAZING! Take care :))xx

Maria said...

Great canvases. YOu have done a great job.

Linda said...

Thanks for sharing these - really love the bright colours, and the close ups!