Friday, 15 April 2011

Crate Paper

So Proud - All about my little missus :) I had our parent/teacher interview on Wednesday and her teacher is very pleased with the way she is going. Is one of the smartest in her class, and is currently doing some year 1 work as well as her prep work. As of next term her and two of the other preppies are going to be doing some extension work, and have their own special time with a teacher. Apart from hearing about how well she is going acidemically it was really great to hear that she is well adjusted little girl, knows her boundaries and will tell the other kids if they are getting too close in her space. lol. It was fantastic to hear that she is going well. I have noticed a huge change in her since being at school, apart from the cheek, she has matured and grown.

Decided to do this for the Crate Paper color challenge, which I think is closing today, nothing like last minute ;) ;) ;) So all fabulous Crate Paper think three different collections, plus a couple extra little bits. LOVE how these colours look together too.

Happy Weekend



teacher jessy said...

Can totally relate to how u feel because I am a teacher! Hehe. That is a precious layout to capture that proud moment & love the heartfelt journaling!

Nadia Cannizzo said...

Well done. Love your details ...You are doing SO well ...KEEP going!

blaacraft said...

gorgeous layout Nicole!! Just saw your feature over at the Sassafrass blog - & even more gorgeousness - congratulations!!

Christine said...

This is such a beautiful layout! I've linked it up on Practical Scrappers today!