Monday, 14 March 2011

Stuck? - Hmmm I think NOT

I've been letting the kids 'design' backgrounds for me, this is one of Charlottes, she loves my mists (girl is not like her mummy, lol) You will get to see what Zac has done soonish..... his background is a few weeks old and I've only gotten around to using it. Anyway the kids like playing, I like playing and I'm going to have a whole heap of unique backgrounds to play with.

The Adam Shuffle - This is based on the Stuck?! Sketches March 1st sketch. I used the end of my Sass stash from my March DT kit from Annas. I managed 4 layouts from 3 pieces of paper and a sheet of stickers :) good work on my part I think ;) lol.

Anyways, Adam first took a few steps at 9 months, we really thought we would have been walking by 10 months but no, still now at 12 months he won't take anymore than 2 steps at a time (unless he is holding something) it's funny to see him stand cause he does this little shuffle like he's trying to walk but is getting no where.

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joeygirl86 said...

Oh this is awesome! I love the little cloud and the alphabet background is perfect! ;)

curlyqmosaics said...

How precious is this? I love the funny title, the precious photos & the fact that your child created the background. Perfection!

Anthea said...

nice work Nic!!


Soo beautiful! I love this page!
Hugs from LĂ­via.

Celeste Vermeend said...

Very nice!! Gorgeous boy!