Monday, 7 March 2011

Pencillines :) FUN

So have you seen the Pencillines Blog

Yeah :) soooooooooo totally awesome and when Anna emailed and asked I was totally blown away

Really how can you say NO to that

So with this sketch

I created this. Thanks to a very very AWESOME tutorital by Heidi Kelley for the background.

Capture - My Hipsta app would be more used than my camera now. oops, but I really do love the effects. Huge mishmash of products in this some old some new, some vintage and some trashy ;) I do know that oneday Dea won't won't to hold my hand anymore here's hoping that day won't be for a LONG time so for now I'm treasuring each and every time he does :)

No upclose shots right now as they are on the other computer, will have to upload a couple when I get the chance.

You must go and check out what the Design Team has done, very very awesome :)



Felicity said...

o Nic.. YOU HAVE DONE IT AGAIN :)) gorgeous gorgeous page, totally love that background too :))x

Melinda said...

Congrats Nic!!! wahoo...this is one awesome layout!!! I LOVE the background effect and the precious!! sigh..I know how you feel...I reckon it won't be long and my boys won't hold me hand either! Take care xx

ps...congrats on going back to uni!! What an awesome achievement.

kathie said...

Congrats. Great layout :). I keep asking DH to take a photo of Jamie holding my hand, coz I know that it's not going to happen for much longer. No photo yet :(. Sigh. I love that you captured this.

domestic goddess said...

so fun having you, thanks for joining us
anna x

Susan said...

Love, love, love this layout!!

curlyqmosaics said...

What a fascinating & breathtaking layout! Love all the distressing and layering...the photo is total perfection!