Tuesday, 15 March 2011

I love Bo Bunny Ad Lib

I was so excited to get this FANTASTIC collection from Anna this month.

It's one of the new CHA releases from Bo Bunny - Ad Lib. So bright so fun and PERFECT for little boys. These layouts are all fairly simple as I wanted to keep the focus on the papers. With these fantastic colours you don't want to add much to them anyway.

Dirty Attitude - I was going to do a layout using these photos all about how Dea is always dirty and into anything that is dirty. The night I started this Dea had been in the foulest of moods all day. Unfortunately it's not a once a week thing it's an EVERY DAY thing. He will non stop scream, cry and generally carry on for upto an hour at a time if he doesn't get his own way. It's really starting to drive me crazy.

Why? - oh bugger, there's a theme happening here. Everyday moment with Zac is him getting angry, throwing things, clentching his fists, stomping. Luckily he's over it fairly quickly. Again though it's driving me balmy as to WHY he is like this. I'm going to start eliminating foods from their diets, not that we eat much crap anyway but who knows.

One Today - Ahhhhh, a few photos from Adams slap up birthday party. Last minute decision to have a little party for him, was just us. I think he loved it though, and he really got into the cake. Was mesmerised by the candle to start off with and then when he was swipping it he ended up with icing on his finger and after that well it was cake for one and all.  

Well that's enough from me for the time being.
I'm off to finish off my DT layout for The Color Room



Anonymous said...

ohhh yummy Nic love the new line too NOICE !! and your babies are growing up way to quick :)

Evgenia said...

I am thrilled with your works!

Wendy Smith said...

Just adorable everyone..great detail!