Tuesday, 11 January 2011

My Minds Eye + Pencillines = :-)

*sigh* was so lucky to recieve my DT Pack from Anna's, what with all the flooding and Rocky being cut off, we were told we'd be lucky to even get mail until the roads opened back up. Wellllll HUGE suprise to hear the mail car beeping last Friday, even better surprise to see my Pizza box waiting for me. HAPPY HAPPY. 
It's so full of fabulous product, needless to say I got stuck into it and had a play with some My Minds Eye  Most of this is Alphabet Soup (Boy) but with a little bit of Fine and Dandy thrown in for good measure

Winter? (Yes It Is) - This layout is for the My Minds Eye blog Challenge #19, fabulous sketch and needed to do a winter theme. Our Winters do get cold though the night but most days are BEAUTIFUL and perfect for the beach. It's a whole lot nicer to spend time down there when you know you're not going to get burnt to a crisp too. It's usally fairly deserted, so that's always a bonus.This photo was back when Charlotte had broken her collarbone and Dea wasn't even yet 1, and we had NO idea that I was pregnant with Adam. Ahhhhh feels like forever ago now.

 (soooooo annoyed, blogger is playing with me again, no matter what I do or don't do it want's to lay all my photos to the side)

It's Your Eyes - Little bit of Adam, he was 10 months the other day. Need to do his update I suppose. Again More MME. This is a Pencilline Sketch 219, Finally getting it uploaded. yay. I do really LOVE that flower, took forever to make, still might need to buy a few different colours of crepe paper now so I can make more.

10 Months - Pretty basic using only Diecuts from MME. Wanted to keep it sort of simple and have more of the focus on the journalling, dont' like it that much to be truthful. Think it's the red paint. Probably would have worked better in yellow.

Well I'm off to do not much



Monica said...

Gorgeous Layouts! nothing like a pizza box to make you smile too :o)

Hope things are getting better in Rocky for you, I live in the UK now but am from Brisbane and they're waiting to get hit...all so scarey!!

Hope the rain stops soon (never thought a QLD'er would ever say that!!!) x

Christiane said...

you see me drooling over your blog here!!
greetz from germany

Angi @ CokiePop said...

Wow...gorgeous. Love that little sunshine. Made me smile. :)

The Scrappy Cottage said...

Like the yellow flower. Awesome layouts, way to cute...

Bridgette said...

hey chickadee Glad all is ok for you in QLD i am quietly happy that the rain has not hit us yet PHEW
lovely pages as always :) i am having trouble with the side way photos too, must be a blogger problem
Stay safe Bridge xx

Maria said...

Such lovely Layouts. Love them all.

Kylie said...

love the staples effect and i just love your style of scrapping

Ebony van der Starre said...

Great job on the cleaning and the weight loss!!!!
Lovin all your LOs for Annas!!