Monday, 31 January 2011

Charlottes first day :)

wow, it was a week ago now. How time flies

Verdict: LOVES IT

Loves getting on the bus everyday, I went and picked her up from the school on Friday and she got up me for not letting her go on the bus, here's hoping the next 13 years are just as easy ;)

The attitude has unfortunately started already, which is rubbing off onto Zac and Dea too.

Already HAD a boyfriend, lasted 2 days, ahhhh young love huh!!!

Had homework which she got stuck into as soon as she arrived home Friday afternoon

Good times.....

I'm so glad she is enjoying it and is excited to go too

I do have a few other photos but Blogger is being a pain and not wanting to upload them properly AGAIN


Felicity said...

Ya for Char loving school and the bus. We use to love the bus too. lol at the boyfriend, cute :) eek about the attitude.
Have a good week. x

Anonymous said...

Oh she looks so sweet and so grown up. So glad she enjoyed her first days. Take care, Deb xx

amanda73 said...

ooohhhh she is too cute..... my little man Connor started prep this year too........ and yep ive also noticed the attitude.....(he has a severe speech delay) and has never really put a sentence together..... i chastised him for doing the wrong out he came with 'don't tell me that, mum'
and when i call him....he says 'what now'. lol...... he thought school wasnt an everyday occurence, but a one-off event, so according to him wasnt going back after the first day lol.......... glad Char likes it

Melinda said...

awwww how sweet and grown up does Char look! So glad she is going good with school..makes it easier on us hey! Love love your get picky page too! What a great tribute..take care xx