Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Art Journal Journey Day Two and Three

Art Journal day 2 & 3
Yep looks like I’m already falling behind in posting my days but I’m actually keeping up with doing something each day, even 5mins worth.....
Sunday 2nd Jan
I prepped a few pages, bit messy and I’m likely to go and cover them up again with something else, but it’s a base to work from J
I also started a bit of jounaling on my first page.

Monday 3rd Jan
Journaled journaled and journaled. Think I may have finished page number 1. Again I’ll probably add things to it as I go through the other pages, but it was good to write in there.

by doing this I think I've found my 'word'



Heather Jacob said...

this is sensational Nic... I have journaled since I was about 15years old ... too many years to remember >>> LOL >>> they are filling my shelves and now you have inspired me to do some art work in some of them .. thank you so much .... I love to go back and read my old journals as I can see how far I have come and how I have evolved over the years ..hugs xo

runzalot81 said...

I really want to try this for myself! Thanks so much for the inspiration.

Dina said...

Lovely, lovely pages...I've really enjoyed browsing through them! :) Happy new year!